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Phoenix, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, loves to see what neighbour Bentley the Samoyed is up to through the fence with the Golden Retriever keeping a keen eye on the neighbours

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Golden retriever ‘spies’ on neighbour through fence peephole

A Golden Retriever has found a way to ‘spy’ on her next door neighbour and spends her days peeking through a tiny hole in the garden fence.

Phoenix, or PhiPhi for short, can often be found sitting in her yard in Melbourne, Australia, looking through the hole to see what her neighbour is up to.

In a video posted to the TikTok account @phiphi_goldenretriever, PhiPhi smiles at her owner before returning to look through her fence hole, with the overlaying text that reads: “I love spying on my bestie next door.”

PhiPhi’s owner takes the camera to show the dog’s fans what she found so interesting on the other side of the fence.


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And sitting on the garden terrace is next door’s Samoyed, called Bentley, who has even made it into the account’s bio as a pup that makes guest appearances.

The video is gaining in popularity, with PhiPhi’s owner promising a “bestie reveal” soon, allowing their followers to meet Bentley close up.

Viewers have been calling for the TikToker to make the hole bigger so the dogs can see each other better.

Phoenix the golden retriever looking through her garden peephole


TikTok / phiphi_goldenretriever)

One said: “Maybe the peep hole could be larger for a better view!”

Another suggested adding “another eye hole”.

One follower even joked the spy dog could be the next James Bond, writing: “I can’t wait to see more of James Bond the dog, haha #spydog.”

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