Novo Kia Niro already has arrival date in Portugal

“The new Kia Niro simplifies the practice of a sustainable lifestyle, through its environmentally friendly materials, advanced technology and electric powertrains, satisfying at the same time the practical needs of customers”, said the president and CEO of Kia, says Ho Sung Song.


“Fully remodeled from top to bottom” and aerodynamically reinforced, the new Niro with a two-tone bodywork features large rear pillars that blend in and out. unify in the boomerang-shaped taillights. At the front, the distinctive ‘tiger face’ extends from the hood to the wing with heartbeat-style LED daytime running lights.

The new design is allied to sustainable materials, such as the ceiling lining produced with recycled wallpaper. The benches are made of Bio PU with Tencel of eucalyptus leaves and the side panels are painted with BTX-free paint to reduce environmental impact and waste.

The new Kia Niro also introduces “Greenzone Drive Mode” which automatically switches the PHEV system to EV mode. When driving in green areas (such as residential areas or schools and hospitals), the crossover automatically uses electrical power based on indications from the navigation system – extending this capability to the locations defined in the preferences.


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