Now this is also broken in Windows 11

Printer and game performance issues plague Windows 11, and there’s more.

The solution: exit the crashed program

Now it’s the Remote Desktop app that can stop working if you have the problem-prone 2022 update.

Microsoft writes about the problem that:

“After installing Windows 11 2022, the Windows Remote Desktop application may stop responding when you connect through a Remote Desktop gateway or Remote Desktop Connection Broker. This issue can be observed when the client is at the “Loading Virtual Machine” or “Configuring Remote Connection” steps and can occur regardless of the OS version installed on the remote computer. In some cases, the error message “Your Remote Desktop Services session has ended” may appear.”

Fortunately, there is a kind of humorous “solution” for a real one to be rolled out:

  • Press ctrl, shift and ESC
  • Find mstsc.exe in the Processes list
  • Exit mstsc.exe

We assume Microsoft believes that you can try to start a remote connection again after ending the crashed program the first time.

Microsoft says that home users will probably not experience this, and that a possible solution is to disable UDP in the group administration.

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