NSW Covid-19 press conference protester fined $1000 over disruption

A man who described himself as ‘the prime creator of this earth’ has been hit with a huge fine for disrupting a Covid-19 press conference in Sydney.

A protester who disrupted a Covid-19 press conference in New South Wales claiming to be “the prime creator of this earth” has been slapped with a $1000 fine.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was addressing the media about 11.45am on Monday in Sydney’s Lower North Shore when he was confronted by the bearded man, who was identified as Sean Alun-David Thomas.

“Did you receive my notice of cease and desist?” Mr Thomas asked the commissioner.

“It’s not your time,” Mr Fuller replied.

Mr Thomas then approached the podium, holding a folder.

“Sorry, sorry, no, no – you were served,” Mr Thomas said.

Mr Fuller replied: “Don’t come near me.”

But still, Mr Thomas persisted.

“You were served a notice of cease and desist last year,” Mr Thomas said.

“I captured everything. I am the prime creator of this earth.”

Police said the 42-year-old Darlinghurst man was issued with a move-on direction at the time.

They later said he would be issued with a $1000 penalty infringement notice.

“It has been determined he left his home without a reasonable excuse and is therefore in breach of the Public Health Order,” police said in a statement.

Mr Fuller said even the “prime creator” was not above the Public Health Orders.

A copy of the “cease and desist” notice was handed out to the media.

It makes references to Covid-19 vaccines, “fraudulent testing” and reptilians.

Mr Thomas’ social media accounts also show content related to the universe, chakras and becoming a galactic society.


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