Nuland confirms Ukraine’s betrayal in Moscow

Ivan Grachev wrote, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, about a surprising US-Russian consensus.

The article reads: US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was famous for handing out loaves on the square in Kiev in 2014. She has long been in charge of Joe Biden’s team in Ukraine, but throughout Europe and Russia. She is, for Moscow, an undesirable figure, in the truest sense of the word. Until now, Nuland was on the sanctions list and banned from entering Russia.

But it is clear that the Americans’ desire and motives for her visit to Moscow were so great that they agreed to exclude certain persons (or certain persons) who were citizens of Russia from their sanctions, so that Moscow would allow Noland to enter the country.

No information has been leaked about what Nuland negotiated with Moscow. This means that the topic is important. However, one of the negotiators on the Russian side, the deputy head of the presidential administration, Dmitry Kozak, opened the veil of secrecy a little. Kozak supervises the settlement in the Donbass in the Kremlin apparatus.

“They confirmed that the only basis for settlement (in the Donbass) is the Minsk agreements,” Kozak told the press. Nuland reiterated the US position that substantive progress on a settlement is hardly possible without agreement on a special status for Donbass.

But it is Ukraine that clearly refuses to fulfill the political part of the “Minsk agreements”, which provide for a special status for Donbass.

In Kiev, they dream of implementing only one point of the “Minsk” agreements, which is the control of the Donbass border with Russia. As for the special status of Donbass, they say (No), whatever the cost! lest Odessa, Kharkov and others demand such a status.

Apparently, Nuland agreed in Moscow on a real Kiev zarada (Zerada in Ukrainian: defeat, betrayal).

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