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On weekends or even on a daily basis, do you know how to take some time off to dedicate yourself to something you like? Or you don’t even know what is the ideal hobby you could get involved in to enjoy your free time? Numerology can help you choose an activity that takes you out of your routine and brings you relaxation.

The term hobby is nothing more than looking for a hobby in something we like. And what we most enjoy in life can be seen in the meanings of our motivation number.

The sum of the vowels in our name reveals tastes and interests that bring us a lot of emotional satisfaction. It is precisely when analyzing this position of the numerological map that we will find the types of situations that may point to our hobby.

Check your motivation number for free here and discover the hobbies that have more to do with your profile:


Those who have this number, because they like new things and what is out of the ordinary, can engage in a hobby considered strange by family members and acquaintances.

A weekend extreme sport or simply an activity that privileges the mental challenge, such as chess or video games, has everything to do with 1’s willingness to take risks and apply their creative and speedy intelligence.


Those who have 2 as their motivation may prefer to get involved in a hobby together with their partner or someone close to them. The important thing is to have a company, a partnership in this pleasurable activity.

It can be someone who likes to take the car and go hiking, being a co-pilot. As 2 has a side that values ​​the little details and likes to accumulate, it is the collector’s number. So, collecting something like car miniatures, stamps, can also be your ideal hobby.


The person symbolized by the 3 in Motivation loves fun, entertainment, creativity. Thus, you can have as a hobby going to concerts and theaters.

The 3 also likes emotions and art, and because of that, you will be able to enjoy feeling what characters in a good book, series, soap opera or movie live. So, reading, watching TV or following one or more TV series can be your hobbies.


Considering that the number 4 represents manual skills, it may be that the person with this Motivation has the hobby of painting, cooking, molding, weaving, in short, of directly using their hands in this pleasurable activity.

As 4 has a more mental side and is also very thorough, games that use intense intellectual power and in which you need to analyze details, such as chess, checkers, puzzles, will be very much appreciated. And that side of the 4 that appreciates everything well organized may have as a hobby to clean some good or object that it likes a lot, like the car, for example.


The person symbolized in the motivation by the number 5 likes to clear their mind, feel free, and constantly learn something new. So your ideal hobby might be taking one short course a month, reading, traveling or making new friends.

Meeting people who are different from your daily life is also very pleasing to those with motivation 5, as it satisfies their curious side, which likes to learn through stimulating social contacts.


People with a 6 in motivation like to be helpful, advise and help people. So, being part of a charity where you work on weekends, for example, can be your hobby.

Because you’ll be able to do social work, whether it’s teaching needy children, taking care of an orphan child or taking supplies and cleaning products to a shelter in your city.


Teaching is a word that is “the face” of number 7. Therefore, those who are motivated by it love to transmit what they know to other people. You can, therefore, have as an ideal hobby to offer free courses on weekends for certain people.

In addition, it can record educational videos on the subject of interest and post it on the internet to be accessed by people who wish to obtain this type of learning offered by it.


The hobby of those with an 8 in motivation can be to build something or make renovations or small repairs in your house, in the homes of neighbors and friends. For the 8 symbolizes the ability to build things with practicality, planning and strength.

He has mechanical talent too. Therefore, it can handle certain tools with excellent skill. Or having as a hobby working on the weekends, when you have more time and peace of mind to produce and carry out the tasks involved in your weekly work uninterruptedly.


The person with the motivation number 9, as he likes to inspire, motivate and spread his knowledge, may have the ideal hobby of writing in a blog content that is useful and makes a difference in the lives of people who read it.

Combining this 9 teaching skill and its humanitarianism, the person with the 9 motivation can join some charity institution where they teach and educate there, once a week or on weekends. Visiting people who are sick and in need of help are also part of the hobby possibilities for those who have the 9 in this position on the numerological chart.


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