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“I think Ricardo Nunes is hanging around a lot with João Doria, doing a lot of marketing,” says a councilor in an exalted tone at the São Paulo City Council. “The mayor is concerned with creating positions to help friends of friends, so I will vote against this nonsense.”

The speech was related to a bill for the creation of positions with salaries of up to R$13,000 in the Department of Education, one of the government’s priorities, which ended up being approved. The tone adopted sounds like one of the opposition councilors, but it actually came from the mouth of a member of parliament from the mayor’s own party.

Alderman Delegado Palumbo (MDB), the most voted in Ricardo Nunes na Casa, is harshly critical of the administration of the mayor by emedebista and caused discomfort by voting against two of the main projects of the Executive.

Under the baton of Milton Leite (DEM), Nunes’ base is oiled in the Chamber, to the point that opposition councilors say that the herd is passing, as they see the Executive’s projects being approved en masse.

The mayor’s party, however, has little expression in the city and a shriveled caucus of only three councilors, which makes it mainly dependent on the PSDB and Leite.

Palumbo is the politician with the most electoral weight in the House, with more than 100,000 votes. Nunes himself, when he was last elected by the councilor in 2016, had just over half of Palumbo’s votes.

AT leaf, the politician who came from the São Paulo Civil Police said that he has already received requests from MDB councilors to fix things. Nunes did not complain in person, but, according to the councilor, he learned that the mayor is dissatisfied with his votes.

“If they’re bothered, let them kick me out. I’m taking my mandate, independently”, he says.

Before Palumbo’s criticisms, Nunes had already faced some indisposition from part of the toucan caucus. In addition, some appointments made by the mayor also generated discomfort among the allies. However, all left the criticism behind the scenes.

In the Chamber, Palumbo thickens the argument of the opposition councilors, who accuse the Executive of sending last-minute projects that go like a “tractor”. “The Chamber can’t be a ploy for us to vote what they want, the way they want it, the way they want it.”

The project mentioned in Educação is aimed at creating 15 advisor and undersecretary positions, to act as managers. Nunes enacted the project this Wednesday (21).

The mayor’s base justified the measure by stating that it is necessary to have this type of professional to maintain a machine with a billion-dollar budget like the one in the São Paulo folder. The criticism made at the Casa, however, was that the positions, freely appointed, which require higher education without specifying the area, were made to order to accommodate allies.

Nunes, for example, as councilor, had a known influence in outsourced day care centers in the south of São Paulo. These entities are accountable to the Department of Education.

Another key project against which Palumbo took a stand was related to the authorization for loans of up to R$ 8 billion, a project by the Executive that ended up being approved under criticism that it would be a blank check to re-elect Nunes in 2024.

“Nothing is said about where that money goes either. It would have to specify where so much money is going,” Palumbo said.

Asked how he evaluates Nunes at the head of the position, he said that the mayor has just taken over and needs some time. “But now the management is Ricardo Nunes. We have to respect the memory [de Bruno Covas], but the management is Ricardo Nunes and MDB. He is the one who is answering, he is the owner of the pen and the responsibility will fall to him”.

Among the points in which it demands improvement in management are the inspection of dismantling. It also criticizes the scrapping of the GCM (Metropolitan Civil Guard), for which it charges new weapons.

Asked about the councilor’s criticisms, the mayor’s office said that he “cherishes democracy and respects the independence between the powers that be.” “Alderman Delegado Palumbo may disagree with the projects submitted by the Executive, as he has already voted in favor of 8 of the 10 projects presented by the municipal administration”, adds the note.

Before politics, Palumbo, a delegate from Garra (an elite group of the Civil Police), was the type of policeman known on social networks. Palumbo is currently the only representative of the so-called bullet bench, which has already been bigger in the São Paulo City Council.

He entered politics at the invitation of his friend and Band presenter José Luiz Datena, who was quoted as vice president of Covas, a vacancy that Nunes took over.

Palumbo’s host friend has also been shooting the mayor during his Band shows. He went so far as to accuse Nunes of cowardice, allegedly giving him a hint. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be mayor, because I would be Bruno’s vice runner. You wouldn’t even be prefect. You fell on Avenida Paulista, nobody knew who you were. When you want to speak my name, speak openly, not cowardly as you put it”, said the presenter.


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