Nutritionist Tamara Pruntseva listed the most harmful potato dishes

You can eat potato dishes at least every day, the main thing is not to overeat in the evenings and make sure that calories are burned during the day. This was stated by nutritionist Tamara Pruntseva.

According to her, there are many vitamins in potatoes, there are also proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. But it is worth remembering about carbohydrates. “The starch in potatoes takes a long time to digest, which avoids surges in blood sugar,” Pruntseva said on Sputnik radio.

The healthiest potatoes are boiled in a little water or baked. Most of the useful substances and minerals are at the surface, so you do not need to keep the tubers in water for a long time.

Doctors do not advise eating potatoes in a country style and deep-fried potatoes, since almost all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are destroyed during heat treatment. At the same time, the dish itself is fatty.


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