Of sparring and henchmen – 01/10/2022 – Alvaro Costa e Silva

In a recent column, Ruy Castro dealt with Bolsonaro’s henchmen. Before, he defined the word, whose use had been kept in a cabinet since the times of the Vargas dictatorship, so that there would be no confusion with sneezing. In its many synonyms, esbirro is a bodyguard, a henchman, a jagunço, a gang member and, in modern times, its meaning can define militiamen from Rio das Pedras with connections in Brasília.

In the explanation, Ruy recalled that a henchman is different from a snort. This is “the one who bumps into the victim for the pickpocket to pick pockets”. According to the Caldas Aulete dictionary, the expression originates from lunfardo, the linguistic subsystem generated in the marginal environment of Buenos Aires that gave us sucker, mina, party, fajuto, thief, scolding, calote, afanar, estrilar — all assimilated, via Praça Mauá , by the rogues of Rio.

I have already used the term sparse here, but with another meaning: one who occupies a subordinate position and is obliged to follow orders. In boy’s games, almost a synonym for slave. I gave as an example the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, who acted to delay childhood vaccination by pleasing the boss. The good esparro obeys blindly and still tries hard to suck up, as Queiroga did when he said that first lady Michelle Bolsonaro “is the mother of all Brazilians”.

However, the spitting of the week award no one takes away from federal deputy Bia Kicis, who illegally leaked personal data on WhatsApp of three doctors who defended the immunization of children at the public hearing convened by the Ministry of Health. in action with offenses and threats on the internet.

Esbirros and sparros are close cousins ​​who found the perfect habitat in the government. At the behest of Bolsonaro, they act within institutions with the aim of destroying them. In order not to give too much away, they take turns carrying out acts of baseness.

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