Officials defeated corruption: the first grader demanded to return the school bag donated by the school

But they don’t jail for billions of dollars

The fight against corruption in Russia is ruthless. True, it is going in the wrong direction. In Ufa, the mother of a first-grader, Maria Abdalimova, with many children, was asked to return the school bag with office supplies donated by the school to her child. Since the administrative document on the issuance of gifts is drawn up in such a way that there was an inappropriate use of budget funds with this portfolio.

To say that Maria Abdalimova was very much surprised by such a request is a euphemism for much stronger expressions. Just imagine, here is a child who was wearing everything for his older brothers, gets his own, new bright portfolio, in it pencils, pens, notebooks, for the first time in the first grade, flowers for the teacher, all smart and smiling, there is light and space in front. And then suddenly once – and there is nothing. The holiday is over. And only the creaky soulless paper voice of the accounting department is not supposed to, give it back.

Abdalimova wrote about the situation on the page of the head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov. She was lucky – during the pre-election period, the problems of the population are resolved quickly. The local administration immediately called, said that there was a misunderstanding, the portfolio would remain with the child, and even apologized and wished all the best.

It would seem – hurray, the incident is over. But why, in fact, did it become possible at all? And what does the fight against corruption have to do with it?

Abdalimova, trying to take away the schoolbag, was explained: the regulation says that a gift for a large family should be given if the eldest child turned 18 at the time of September 1. And her eldest turned 18 in May. But here they always promise the good of the population according to the spirit of the law, but the executors of these promises are imprisoned according to the letter of the law. And go and figure it out – will they take you by the soft spot or not, if it says – 18 years old at the time of September 1? The next inspector will need success in the fight against corruption – here you are. Then make excuses that you understood so – the main thing is that by September 1, you will be 18 years old, and not exactly on September 1. So it’s better to take away a portfolio from a child than to lose yours.

Do you remember the absolutely fantastic story with payments of “covid” money to doctors at the beginning of the pandemic? Putin ordered to pay without any conditions, Mishustin allocated money and also demanded payments, but the doctors still did not receive money. And then it turned out – at the disposal of the government they simply wrote “taking into account the actual hours worked.” And the official fell into the fork – either to fulfill the president’s demand (the spirit of the law), but then (according to the letter of the law) a criminal case will come. Either follow the order clearly, but receive a scolding (and then the lightning from top to bottom and flew) from the local authorities. It took more than a month to sort it out before the order was amended.

The accounting board counted, for example, in 2019, budget violations, the very misuse, for 50 billion rubles. Do you think they came from incorrectly issued school bags? After all, no. But where, as the high authorities asked, were the landing?

Therefore, every petty official knows that the lower the level, the more merciless the fight against corruption. Despite common sense. The higher the level, the …

But it should be the other way around.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28623 of September 14, 2021

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Corruption in school bag


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