Olivier Faure fears that the presidential election “will take a completely crazy turn”

“Today, a lot of people are freewheeling,” worries the first secretary of the Socialist Party.

The slap in the face of the President of the Republic a few days ago worries politicians. Asked about it in The 4 Truths, on France 2, Thursday June 10, Olivier Faure estimated that this event translated “an anger“, but also, “a decay of our democracy».

«We are living in a very special time. In three days, we had three events that showed how much the political debate can get out of hand: the conspiracy of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Papacito and the barely disguised call for the murder of leftists (…) then finally the slap of a monarchist who aimed to humiliate the Republic», Summarizes the first secretary of the Socialist Party.

So many events that worry the parliamentarian of Seine-et-Marne in view of the upcoming elections. “We have here the demonstration that the presidential debate which must begin can take a completely crazy turn.He worries.

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“A lot of people are freewheeling”

Olivier Faure therefore calls for “the responsibility“Political figures present in the public debate, recalling that”sometimes words precede physical violence». «Today a lot of people are freewheeling», He regrets.

He also considers that the comments made by Jean-Luc Mélenchon about “graves incidents“Arriving one week before the presidential election are”unacceptable». «The left was never populism or conspiracy“, He tackled, before adding that according to him, the leader of France Insoumise had”crossed the red line“. And to conclude: “He can’t be the one to bring the left and the environmentalists together».


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