On charges of attempted rape.. An Indian was released in exchange for washing the clothes of the village women

An Indian man accused of attempted rape has been released on bail, but only on the condition that he wash and iron all the women in his village for six months.

Lalan Kumar, 20, will have to purchase detergents and other materials needed to provide free laundry services for six months for the clothes of some 2,000 women in Majhur village in Bihar state, under the ruling on Wednesday.

Santosh Kumar Singh, a police officer in Madhubani district of Bihar state, told AFP that Kumar, who washes clothes for his livelihood, was arrested in April on charges including attempted rape. No date has yet been set for his trial.

“All the women of the village are happy with the court’s decision,” the head of the village council, Nassima Khatoun, told AFP.

“It is historic and it will promote respect for women and help preserve dignity,” added Khatun, one of the prominent figures in the village who will be watching Kumar.

Women in the village felt that this ruling had a positive effect as it opened the debate in the village about crimes against women.

“This is a wonderful move and a different kind of punishment that sends a message to the community,” Anjum Berwin said.

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