On LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, listen to a playlist with Brazilian drag and trans releases – 06/28/2021 – Streaming

It has become common for gay, lesbian or transsexual artists to concentrate their releases on dates close to June, when the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day is celebrated — a date celebrated on Monday, the 28th, with an acronym that concentrates lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals , queers, intersex, asexual and others.

This year it is the case of Liniker, Gloria Groove and Pabllo Vittar, for example, who have just published their new album, “Batação Tropical”.

That’s because 52 years ago, on June 28, 1969, there was great public resistance by gays and transsexuals to police violence in New York—the movement became known as the Stonewall Revolt. Since then, June 28 has become a symbolic date.

In São Paulo, for example, it happens annually in the sixth month of the year to . Due to the pandemic, the event that once filled Avenida Paulista with colors, .

With the number of deaths by Covid still high in the country, the orientation is to go home. Therefore, the colored flags will need to remain in storage and the music will have to be heard through headphones, not over the speakers of the electric trios — so much so that the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade has had to take place online over the past two years.

Check out a playlist below with the latest releases from five Brazilian transsexual or drag queen artists to celebrate pride.

‘Baby 95’, the Liniker

On the track, released in early June, Liniker talks about love on this new single, which is the singer’s first album without a partnership with the band Os Caramelows. In addition to music, Liniker, who is trained as an actress, also debuted a series — last Friday, the 25th, “Manhãs de Setembro” came to Amazon Prime Video, starring the artist. In production, she gives life to a transvestite who discovers she had a child in the past.

‘Bonekinha’, by Gloria Groove

The drag with more than 2 million followers on Instagram and owner of hits like “Coisa Boa” and “Bumbum de Ouro”, launched in June her new single, “Bonekinha”. The track opens the doors of the album “Lady Leste”, which pays homage to the east side of São Paulo. After the project “Affair”, with R&B tracks, Groove returns to betting on pop and funk, but without leaving aside his well-known aggressive vocals.

‘I Missile’, by Linn da Quebrada and Badsista

The track will be part of the trans artist’s next album. With more than five minutes, the composition of the track is signed only by Linn, while the production is by Rafaela Andrade, better known as Badsista, from São Paulo. In the lyrics, Linn says she misses someone so much that she could shoot in her direction.

‘Dangerous’, by Urias

The trans singer’s first album was divided into two parts — the first, with five tracks, has already been released and is called “Fúria PT1”. On “Peligrosa”, the current single, she sings verses in Spanish. In the clip, the artist commands a frantic choreography.

‘Sad as You’, by Pabllo Vittar

Released last Thursday (24), the track is part of “Batação Tropical”, new album by the drag queen. Already in the title, but clearer in the verses, Vittar makes it clear that, after being forgotten by her lover, she was “sad with lust”. The new album is now available —in the tracklist, there are three new tracks and six songs by Brazilian artists and bands that influenced Vittar’s career.​


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