‘Once again FHC lacked greatness’, says reader – 09/22/2022 – Reader’s Panel

FHC and the elections

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the re-election tyrant, never had nobility, he only had usurpation — he did not democratically name Lula for president (“FHC asks for vote in defense of institutions, in a veiled message against Bolsonaro”, Panel, 22/9) .
Luci Neves (Salvador, BA)

Once again, the former president lacked grandeur, although he was a respectable intellectual – and in an attitude different from that already assumed by several of his co-religionists. And he just missed it, who has already recognized the serious mistake of reelection – a source of misfortunes like the one we live today.
Leila Villas (Sao Paulo-SP)


A song by Odair José reads: “And to start, I’ve already finished” (“Nubank going to close in Brazil? Understand the changes”, Mercado, 21/9).
Fausto Almeida (Goiania, GO)

Attack on research institutes

That little mouth must be very good (“Lira endorses Bolsonaro, launches insinuations about research and asks for punishment to institutes”, Politics, 22/9). Lira, Ciro Nogueira, Fábio Faria and a whole class that is admittedly “honest” cast doubt on research institutes, and those who point to Bolsonaro’s defeat have decades of credibility. Those who point out a closeness to Bolsonaro are baby institutes, where the customer always seems to be right. What have the institutions of state in this country become?
André Moraes (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

Typical insinuations of those who are afraid of: a) not being re-elected federal deputy; b) even if elected, not to be re-elected to the presidency of the Chamber; c) the secret budget goes to the swamp; d) all of the above.
Carlos little simãozinho (Brasilia DF)

And for the Brasmarket polls, which give Bolsonaro well ahead of Lula? Ah, this one is correct by DataLira. Surveys are economic activities like any other, whoever gets it wrong will lose a customer, will lose his share of the market.
Antonio Joao da Silva (Brasilia DF)

‘It’s a college’

Why did TRE-SP allow this candidacy, clearly from an outsider (“Tarcísio can’t answer his polling place in SP: ‘It’s a college'”, Politics, 9/22)? He does not know the city and state of São Paulo. The voters will give him what he deserves; the right to take the air shuttle and return to Rio de Janeiro, as soon as possible.
Neusa Ferreira Alves (Sao Paulo-SP)

The permission for Tarcísio to register his candidacy and the denial for Moro makes it very clear that the TSE acts for non-republican interests. Justice goes a long way from there”¦
Manoel Coutinho (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

If the candidate for governor does not even know where to vote, imagine when preparing the strategic planning of the state of São Paulo?! Tarcisio is fake!
Jocimar B. dos Santos (Rio das Ostras, RJ)

The color of ACM Neto

In other parts of the world he would be seen as pardo or “colored” (“ACM Neto faces wear and tear in Bahia after racial controversy”, Politics, 21/9). I just wonder what your reason for turning brown all of a sudden. Could it be that in the registrations he made throughout his life, in a course, in an academy, in a college, he already said he was “brown color”?
Sheila Fernanda (Count, MG)

The declaration of color in Brazil is a mixture of ignorance, racism and opportunism. If you can take advantage, why would ACM Neto miss the opportunity to declare himself brown? Why are human beings of white and black ancestry black, not white? Whoever has Negroid features is a mulatto, whoever doesn’t is white; and whoever has black skin is black. ACM Neto does not have Negroid characteristics. So it’s white.
Enaide Greet (Sao Paulo-SP)

Justice, not revenge

Michel Temer, the Silvério dos Reis of recent history, dares to speak of amnesting Bolsonaro. As Lúcia Guimarães has well shown (“Pacification requires justice, not amnesty”, Mundo, 22/9), justice is not revenge. Everyone must be judged.
Roberto Nasser (Sao Paulo-SP)

Public transportation

They could start by trying to understand the problems for users (“Public transport seeks evolution to win back users”, Daily life, 9/21). Badly positioned turnstiles, drivers and collectors without adequate training to deal with the public, lack of cleaning, windows that don’t run, delay in passing the point…
Alexander Barbierato (São Paulo, SP)

Public transport in Brazil is very bad and very expensive. And instead of looking for concrete ways to make that transport better and more affordable, the search is on for more and more subsidies. All to support the families of public transport concessionaires, who haven’t let go of their bones for decades.
Alex Varela (Sao Paulo-SP)


“Unemployment falls more in Brazil, but it is the 5th largest in a ranking of 40 countries” (Mercado, 22/9). The news about the drop in unemployment is very good, but it is difficult for Folha to comment. Then make comparisons. Isn’t it better to comment only on what good is happening in our economy?
Paulo Winkaler Filho (Change, PR)

cooking gas

Let’s take advantage of the “charity” of Petrobras, which is in a frank pro-Bolsonaro electoral campaign (“Petrobras reduces the price of cooking gas by 6%”, Mercado, 22/9)! With his defeat, everything will return to normal, that is, prices will go up a lot.
Vilarino Escobar da Costa (Viamão, RS)

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