one of the accused in the Bouaké trial has been dead for 5 years

One of the two Ivorian officers tried in France in the “Bouake trial” on the death of nine French soldiers in 2004 in Côte d’Ivoire, Captain Ange Gnanduillet, has been deceased for five years, according to two death notices found by the AFP Thursday, confirmed by an Ivorian military source.

“Gnanduillet Aitually Ange Magloire, retired air force captain” is dead “February 25, 2016”, at Treichville hospital in Abidjan “After a long illness”, according to these obituaries published in the press. The Ivorian government commissioner and military prosecutor Ange Kessi confirmed to AFP the death of the officer at the age of 60. “Yes, Gnanduillet is deceased”, did he declare. Rear Admiral Kessi was in charge of the investigation of this affair in 2004 and had been there from the first hours.

Sixteen years after the facts, the French justice judges this case: on November 6, 2004, two Ivorian fighter planes had bombarded a French camp in Bouaké, in the center of the Ivory Coast, killing nine French soldiers and an American civilian, also leaving around 40 injured. This attack took place in the midst of the Ivorian crisis, when the army was leading an offensive against the rebellion which controlled the northern half of the country, with the French army intervening as an interposition force.

Since March 29, three men have been tried, in their absence, for the bombing by the Assize Court of Paris, accused of murder: two Ivorian officers, Ange Gnanduillet and Patrice Ouei, and a Belarusian mercenary, Yury Sushkin. Côte d’Ivoire did not respond to French extradition requests. The trial is scheduled to last three weeks.


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