Online job ads in Alabama up 69 percent from last year

The number of online ads for jobs in the state increased 69 percent in April from what it was in April 2020, according to the Alabama Department of Labor.

A data analysis of all online job postings in Alabama by ADOL’s Labor Market Information Division found that April’s monthly total was 15.5 percent higher than the previous month’s, with 29,049 new ads posted online.

The yearly total as of April was 84,986.

The five occupations with the most online postings were registered nurses, retail salespersons, sales representatives, customer service representatives and truck drivers.

The top three employers posting job opportunities online in April were the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System, UAB and the University of South Alabama.

Of the ads analyzed, 55 percent have salaries of $35,000 or less; 20 percent have salaries between $35-49,000; 13 percent between $50-75,000; and 12 percent have salaries of $75,000 or more.

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