“Oral language allows us to transcend social codes”

INTERVIEW – Symbol of the reformed baccalaureate, the test of the grand oral has been strongly criticized. For the professor of public speaking at Sciences Po, his maintenance is “a collective incentive to change».

Professor of public speaking at Sciences Po, Cyril Delhay is the main architect of the “grand oral” of the bac, wanted by Jean-Michel Blanquer. He is the author of the report “Making the great oral a lever of equal opportunities”, delivered in 2019 to the Minister of Education. Because Cyril Delhay does not believe in “prejudiceAccording to which the oral would be socially discriminating. While the maintenance of this great oral has been strongly criticized – insufficiently prepared, according to the teachers’ unions -, he believes that its behavior, from this year, is “a collective incentive to change».

LE FIGARO. – What are the objectives of the grand oral?

Cyril DELHAY. –The explicit objective of this grand oral is to acquire the competence of speaking in public, in a clear and convincing manner. It is a historic break. The fact that the candidate has to stand up, detaching himself from his notes and being mindful of the listener, is an important detail. Basically speaking is based on a technique of the body, since

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