Overchuk said that Belarus should not be afraid of “absorption” by Russia

While fulfilling the union programs Belarus should not be afraid of being “absorbed” by Russia. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk.

He stressed that all post-Soviet republics retain their sovereignty, unlike other states.

“30 years have passed since the collapse of our common country, the USSR, and no one has swallowed any countries during this period,” Overchuk said live on the Belarusian YouTube channel.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that during the talks between Moscow and Minsk, “very important steps were achieved and directions towards deeper economic integration were outlined.”

Earlier, the Council of Ministers of the Union State of Russia and Belarus approved 28 union programs aimed at deepening integration. The day before, they were coordinated by the presidents of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.

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