Palestinian Authority TV distorts Israeli archives, claiming Arabs were massacred en masse

Palestinian TV host Nasser Al-Lahham claimed that Israelis were responsible for slaughtering Palestinians during the War of Independence in 1948 based on a deliberate distortion of Israeli archives, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) highlighted on Friday.
Al-Lahham, who also happens to be the Editor in Chief at the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, has been known to discuss the  history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via Israeli footage, documentaries and archives, taking a revisionist approach oftentimes.

Describing the fate of Palestinian Arabs during 1948, Al-Lahham claimed refugees came after Palestinians fled as a result of witnessing massacres. In one particular case, Al-Lahham mistranslated eye witness testimony from an Arab in 1948 in which he originally said  “This great tree – my entire family [was] there, 150 people. Everyone fled,” rather than Al-Lahham’s translation whereby “Hajj Mussa from Lod. They slaughtered 150 Arabs under this tree. The rest fled.”

Likewise, PMW also noted that Al-Lahham has in the past distorted Holocaust history, claiming that Jews were merely expelled by Nazi Germany and received a warm welcome from Palestinian upon arriving in the British Mandate of Palestine amid the war. Al-Lahham has also compared incoming Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett to Adolf Eichmann.

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