Panda marks half-birthday on Sunday

But in his six months in our midst, he has been developing, and only last week, he appeared to pass what would seem to be another milestone.

It may have been the proverbial one small step for most of us, but it seemed an important step for our young Xiao Qi Ji.

In time, he is expected to become a traveling man, journeying thousands of miles to take up residence on another continent, in another country.

But for now, he is still discovering the special territory given to giant pandas in Washington.

On Tuesday, the zoo reported, the little fellow explored his outdoor habitat for the first time.

It is always good in Washington to have people to open doors for you. In this instance, staff members at the zoo made the cub’s adventure possible by clearing the barriers that separated the indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Keepers went into the den and called him to get his attention. Then, according to the zoo, he followed them onto a patio, a covered area between the pandas’ indoor and outdoor enclosures.

A gate was opened. Before too long, the youngster, it was reported, was in the panda yard.

It might be said that in his six months of life, he has metaphorically not let the grass grow beneath his feet. But on Tuesday, he soon began ambling over real grass that lay beneath his paws.

After about 45 minutes, he seemed to have enough and went back inside.

Until the weather improves, the zoo said, he will probably stay indoors. But the zoo said it hopes to give him another chance at the outdoors soon.

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