Paraisópolis completes 100 years with celebration and new space dedicated to children – 15/09/2021 – São Paulo

Paraisópolis, one of the largest and most important communities in São Paulo, located in the south zone, celebrates its 100th anniversary this Thursday (16). To celebrate the date, a series of events will take place at the G10 Social Pavilion in Favelas from 10am.

The program will include musical presentations, lectures and the opening of the project “Favelas do Brincar”, a space for children, and the exhibition “Memories – Reflexos do Inevitável”.

“Preparations are in full swing. We want to continue telling stories, making dreams come true and inspiring people for the next 100 years of Paraisópolis”, says Gilson Rodrigues, president of G10 Favelas and community leader of Paraisópolis, to Now.

The pavilion, which features the Sewing Dreams project, will receive, at 10 am, the Paraisópolis Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by conductor Paulo Rydlewski. The group opens the commemorations playing the National Anthem and later will interpret the work “Mourão” by composers César Guerra-Peixe and Clóvis Pereira.

“It really needs to be a celebration, for those who resisted the pandemic and still grew”, says the conductor of the orchestra, which celebrates 11 years of foundation on the same day as the anniversary of Paraisópolis.

“The vast majority of the people who founded and who live in Paraisópolis are from the Northeast, so nothing more representative than César and Clóvis’ baião”, completes Paulo Rydlewski, conductor of the orchestra since its creation.

At the end of the presentation, residents will sing happy birthday to the community and will have a cake made by Mãos de Maria, a social project that aims to give economic autonomy to peripheral women in situations of social vulnerability and during the Covid pandemic -19 distributes 550 lunchboxes daily.

Then, at 11 am, the inauguration of the “Favelas do Brincar” project takes place, an outdoor space dedicated to children, with games and playful games, such as hopscotch.

“We identified the lack of public spaces dedicated to playing, especially in communities like Paraisópolis, and the inauguration of this project seeks to boost learning through play for children,” says Caroline Rego, director of strategies for the Unidos pelo Brincar Movement in Brazil.

According to Gilson Rodrigues, the initiative will be important for Paraisópolis. “We want to give these children opportunities to play and become a healthier and more integrated youth and adult in the community”, he highlights.

At the same time, the venue will have a lecture by hairdresser Rodrigo Cintra, who will talk about the project Employs Comunidade and Escola Belezinha, a beauty school that aims to train new professionals for the sector.

At 4 pm, the exhibition “Memories – Reflections of the Inevitável” in partnership with Through the Glass, will be inaugurated in the space.

To end the celebration in grand style, at 6 pm, the Trovadores Urbanos group will give a lively musical presentation, with a loving serenade. The pavilion’s street will be decorated with balloons and colorful hearts and the group will sing classics such as “Primavera”, by Tim Maia, “Viver”, by Gonzaguinha, “Ai que Saudade D’ocê”, by Vital Farias, “A Paz”, by Gilberto Gil, as well as sambas by Adoniran Barbosa and carnival marchinhas.

The show will be the first of the project “Abra seu Janela para São Paulo”, which intends to go through another six regions by the end of this year.

“This serenade is a great tribute to the community’s residents. I’m giving them a present, but, actually, he’s giving me a present”, celebrates Maida Novaes, creator of Trovadores Urbanos and singer of the band.

“As a citizen of São Paulo, it gives me enormous happiness to be able to sing in Paraisópolis”, she highlights.

The community leader of Paraisópolis, Gilson Rodrigues, says that the biggest desire for the next 100 years of the place is the resumption of urbanization in the favela.

“There are still people living in risky areas, facing needs and difficulties with issues related to infrastructure. Our dream is that the favela can become a neighborhood and that governments return to investing in the urbanization program”, he says.

Finally, Gilson asked for donations for the site. During the pandemic, around 10 thousand food baskets, on average, were distributed per month by the G10 of Favelas in Paraisópolis.

“Right now we are asking the population to give a gift to Paraisópolis, donating a basic basket or a gift for Children’s Day”, he says.

​Programming | 100 years of Paraisopolis

  • Where: Pavilion of the G10 das Favelas, in Paraisópolis, south zone
  • Address: Rua Itamotinga, 100, Paraíso – Paraisópolis do Morumbi, São Paulo
  • When: Thursday (16)

10h – Celebration of 100 years of Paraisópolis with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Paraisópolis, with conductor Paulo Rydlewski, and congratulations with a cake made by the women of Mãos de Maria

11am – Inauguration of the “Favelas do Brincar” project

11am – Lecture with hairdresser Rodrigo Cintra (Emprega Comunidade and Escola Belezinha)

16h – Opening of the exhibition “Memories – Reflections of the Inevitável” in partnership with Through the Glass

18h – Presentation by the Trovadores Urbanos group, which plays serenades


To help the G10 das Favelas, which operates in Paraisópolis, it is possible to donate through the websites and The entity also receives food donations at its headquarters (Rua Itamotinga, 100, Paraíso do Morumbi) or cash amounts per Pix (key 12.772.787/0001-99).


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