Pardon, Brazilian brothers – 06/09/2021 – Opinion

This is not a newspaper article. It is a sincere request for forgiveness.

This Wednesday morning (9), next to the Prime Minister of Spain, in Buenos Aires, Argentine President Alberto Fernández, pointing to Pedro Sánchez, said that “Mexicans came from the indigenous, Brazilians, from the jungle, and we we arrived on boats from Europe”​.

We Argentines have been having a lot of problems in recent months. Many. We have few vaccines and many dead. We have an economic crisis never seen before, with the highest poverty rates in our history. Child poverty is close to 63%. We are in the midst of renegotiating an unpayable foreign debt, and children have missed school for most of last year and most of this year as well.

In other words, our president Alberto Fernández has more problems than the plumber on the Titanic, but even so, he took the time to generate a new problem with Brazilians and Mexicans. They are two sister peoples and two relevant economies in the region.

We seem to have a supernatural ability to go a little deeper into the well we’re in. It’s never deep enough.

In fact, Argentine politicians have generated so much crisis over the past 40 years that it has become their area of ​​expertise. They ended up becoming a professional in this matter of screwing up situations to infinity.

But I want to give you some clarification. Sometimes presidents don’t represent what the people think. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

So it is. I swear we Argentines don’t believe you came from the jungle. And here we have several comments to go deeper into the matter. What would it be like for someone to come from the jungle? Humans that were born directly from the roots of a brazilwood? Weird, don’t you think?

Or, perhaps, all Brazilians were playing hide-and-seek until one day they decided to leave the jungle and arrived in cities like São Paulo or Rio. At the very least, it is exotic to think.

Neither you came from the jungle nor all Argentines came from the boats. This one is also a generalization.

Most Argentines think that you, like us, come from many places and are multicultural. There is not so much homogeneity in your migration or in ours.

What Fernández has is quite stupid for having said what he said. Some of the great problems of Kirchnerism’s leaderships have always been parochialism and precarious internationalization. Traveling is important for that very reason: you get to know other cultures and learn about diversity.

Our president suffers from verbal incontinence. So, minutes later, he apologized “to anyone who was offended.”

Unfortunately, our president makes such statements every week. In recent times, we Argentines have always been certain: today we are better off than we will be tomorrow. It sounds funny, but it’s pretty sad.

In general, Argentines have a lot of fights with Brazilians because of the five-time soccer championship. But that aside, we love you, your beaches and the cheese bread —among many other beautiful things in the country.

For that we would like to apologize. You are our most important commercial partners and partners in Mercosur.

Sorry, brothers. It’s not true that you came from the jungle. But who knows, maybe President Fernández.


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