Parents called the cost of preparing for the Unified State Exam: “The school is not coping”

Graduates are bred on fake “leaks” of answers to the exam

On June 7, more than 390 thousand Russian 11-graders and graduates of previous years passed the Unified State Exam in specialized mathematics. This year, the compulsory examination of the basic level in the subject was canceled, the profile was written only by those guys who need mathematics to enter the university. Meanwhile, recent studies have shown that only 20% of graduates prepare for the final exams on their own. Most resort to the help of tutors, and a minority attend special courses or electives at school. We found out how much parents have to spend on preparing their children for the exam.

“Almost every year the number of points required for admission to prestigious universities is growing,” explains Olga, a history tutor. – Of course, there are unique people who manage to get a high (over 85) and even the maximum score for the exam only thanks to self-preparation, but there are only a few such guys. The problem is that school textbooks do not contain all the necessary information to successfully pass the exam, it needs to be looked for in additional sources, it is not so easy for schoolchildren to cope with this. The difficulty is also in the fact that in the tasks of the exam in a number of subjects there are vague formulations that are not very clear to schoolchildren, this issue also needs to be worked out. Unfortunately, in schools now there are fewer and fewer good teachers who are able to prepare qualitatively for the Unified State Exam, many have retrained into the same tutors. And the curriculum is structured in such a way that the teachers simply do not have enough time for this.

A poll conducted by one of the educational companies showed that 71% of schoolchildren start preparing for the Unified State Exam in grade 10. Moreover, 35% of students prepare with tutors, 27% – in courses, 24% – in extra classes at school, and only 14% – on their own. In the senior year, the demand for additional exam preparation classes increases significantly. As a result, 45% of schoolchildren are already turning to tutors, 37% are taking courses, including online, and 18% are gnawing the granite of science without additional help.

“Our daughter is an excellent student in a fairly strong school, she dreams of entering one of the prestigious universities,” says Marina from Moscow. – She takes the exam in the Russian language, physics and profile mathematics, in order to pass the desired specialty, the average score for all exams must be no lower than 80, for additional safety net it is desirable to get even more. The experience of our acquaintances, whose children have already passed the USE, has shown that such results are not guaranteed even to talented children without additional preparation. As a result, we decided to hire teachers for all examination subjects. Among my daughter’s friends this year there was not a single person who did not attend courses or tutors to prepare for the exam. Of course, courses are much cheaper than tutors, but the results after them are usually lower.

According to the mother of the graduate, the services of a good, but not a stellar tutor in the capital this year averaged 3.5 thousand rubles for a 1.5-hour lesson. That is, if you study three subjects once a week, in total, preparation for exams will cost about 400 thousand rubles. Meanwhile – this is still a relatively budget option. The services of tutors who can boast of a large number of high-scoring students and teachers who professionally prepare for brown olympiads are much more expensive.

Meanwhile, every year scammers who offer to buy answers to state exams for schoolchildren try to empty the pockets of graduates’ parents. Recently, more than 100 sites, groups in social networks and Telegram channels were discovered on the Internet, where students were offered to purchase cribs with answers to the exam for 400-1200 rubles. The administrators claimed that they had been leaked tasks by people close to the CMM developers. However, after the transfer of funds, the sellers either simply disappeared or sent deliberately incorrect answers to naive graduates or their parents, and then added the buyers to the “black list” so as not to receive claims after exams. It is impressive that the number of subscribers to fraudulent resources this year has already reached 3.2 million users.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28554 dated June 8, 2021

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My Kingdom for the Unified State Exam


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