Parents grade zero – 06/07/2021 – Hélio Schwartsman

Parents of students from the Móbile school, in São Paulo, sought out the school board to protest against the use of a comic book version of “Anne Frank’s Diary” in 7th grade English classes. The reason for the revolt are passages in which the author talks about her sexuality and which the parents interpreted as pornographic.

I’m sorry to say these parents are wrong. And I don’t even get into the content discussion. As Pocketnarism has not yet triumphed, each individual is free to carry out the exegesis of the text that he or she likes. Anyone who thinks Anne Frank is pornography is exercising their hermeneutical rights, even though that is a difficult opinion to sustain in a more technical forum.

These parents were wrong in choosing the school where they put their children. Unlike what happens in the public school system, where the address defines which institution the child will study at, in the private system it is up to those responsible to select the school. They usually do it based on different criteria matrix, ranging from convenience (is the school close to home?) to spiritual values, passing, of course, to price.

A particularly sensitive parameter is openness to the new. As it affects everything from the reading agenda to the degree of moral rigidity and the discipline to which the student will be subjected, if there is disagreement between parents and the institution in this regard, the consequences tend to be disastrous. Not only will there be friction between family and management, the conflict will soon be brought into the home as the student assimilates values ​​that are very different from those of their parents.

If the private school only sends your child to read books that seem obscene to you, act with discretion and change schools at the end of the year. Otherwise, you’ll be blatantly failing at the elementary task of choosing an institution that fits your way of thinking. It’s a parent grade zero.

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