Paris wants to act for the Stalingrad district, the state is procrastinating

Anne Hidalgo believes that it is up to the State to create a system of care for drug addicts. However, she addressed proposals to Jean Castex.

The authorities are finally worried about the plight of the inhabitants of north-eastern Paris, forced to live with hundreds of crack users. Dislodged since mid-May from Stalingrad Square which they had occupied until then, they are now kept a little further away in the Eole Gardens, a park frequented by families and children.

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A meeting was held Monday in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Ministers of the Interior, Justice and Health. “Several avenues of work were discussed with the desire to address the issue of drug consumption and trafficking from a security perspective, in particular to guarantee the quality of life of residents, but also from the perspective of public health and prevention ”, we pointed out to Matignon at the end of this working session which did not therefore lead to a definitive solution.

Vigilant residents

However, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is now putting the pressure. The elected socialist wants the Eole gardens to be returned by the end of the month to residents. Believing that it is the role of the State to find a support system for drug addicts, the latter nevertheless makes proposals to Jean Castex.

In a letter, she believes that “Only a metropolitan network of reception and respite centers, open day and night, and associated with accommodation solutions with social and medical support, is able to provide a lasting response to the distress of users and residents”. For her deputy in charge of public health, Anne Souyris, a place of accompanied consumption attached to a place of rest cannot be located outside the north-east of Paris. “Otherwise, these drug addicts – often homeless people for whom only drugs count – will not come ”, she said, warning: “There is no magic solution, but the State must find a lasting regulatory framework. This assumes that health and safety officials agree on the same device, which is not necessarily the case ”.

Residents affected by crack remain vigilant. “We do not want a center where drug addicts would take their drugs and come out stoned because we would find them immediately in our streets”, warns Frédéric Francelle, spokesperson for a collective of residents.

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