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As Datafolha showed, 71% of Brazilians believe that the coronavirus pandemic is partially controlled in the country, and 9% see total control. The majority’s caution is fully justified, but it is nonetheless a source of relief to note that the spread of the delta variant has not reversed the downward trend in deaths.

It will never be forgotten that Brazil experienced a catastrophe as a direct result of the Jair Bolsonaro government’s negligence. In April, the most lethal period of the pandemic, an ominous average of more than 3,000 deaths per day was reached by Covid-19.

In the last two weeks, the average was still very high 500 deaths daily. Along the way, the identification of the delta variant on Brazilian soil led to projections of alarming scenarios. The gradual improvement, however, continued.

More transmissible, the delta variant is the result of alterations in the virus’s genetic material — called mutations. This occurs when the pathogen is circulating too much in a population. The more opportunities it has to spread, the more it replicates and is subject to change.

In the northern hemisphere, the delta is known to have caused an increase in cases (including mild) and deaths from Covid-19. In the United States, the variant led the government to review sanitary flexibility. In July, the use of masks indoors was once again mandatory.

In Israel, there was a gradual rise in deaths from mid-August. It was the fourth wave of the pandemic in that country.

Around here, there are reservations to be made. Brazilian data on the new coronavirus are precarious and, without investments and monitoring by the Ministry of Health, the so-called genomic surveillance is even worse.

Exactly how the delta is spreading across the country is not known; there is vast evidence, that yes, of underreporting of cases of the disease. As Folha reported, the number of deaths from ill-defined causes jumped 30% in the pandemic.

With the relative cooling of Covid-19, progress is being made in the resumption of activities, which is a social and economic imperative. Numbers and experience, however, do not allow you to let your guard down.

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