Pashinyan intends to arrange a personnel cleaning of the state apparatus after early elections in Armenia

After the parliamentary elections in Armenia, a staff cleaning will be carried out in the public administration system, Acting Acting said. Prime Minister, candidate for the post of head of government from the Civil Contract party Nicole Pashinyan.

At a meeting with residents of one of the communities on Tuesday, Pashinyan recalled that before the change of power in 2018 he had promised not to start a personnel reshuffle, and he fulfilled his promise, but now “the officials who were hiding in the corridors of people’s power after 2018 and played the role of a Trojan horse, will be cleaned up. ”

“Give me a mandate to purge personnel, we will throw all Trojan horses out of the system of state administration in Armenia. Today they send photographs from various meetings where people were forced to come there. It is obvious that the heads of some institutions, the heads of some communities are using administrative levers to bring people to rallies, “Pashinyan said.


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