Pécresse wants “flooding skills” for the regions

The outgoing president of Île-de-France was visiting Houilles commune des Yvelines affected by thunderstorms which have caused much damage since Saturday.

The outgoing president of Île-de-France Valérie Pécresse, candidate for her re-election on Sunday, demanded on Tuesday the “skill floods » for the regions during a visit to Houilles, a town in Yvelines affected by bad weather.

Wearing boots, Valérie Pécresse was accompanied by the mayor Julien Chambon according to whom “Several hundred people and dozens of homes” were affected in the various districts of Houilles. “Today, the flooding jurisdiction is the intermunicipal authorities, the State and the metropolis of Greater Paris (…). It would be logical that the responsibility for flooding could return to the region, given that we are helping cities with all their urban planning investments ”, Ms Pécresse told AFP, citing the development of the “New neighborhoods, watersheds” or the financing of agricultural land.

“The city’s adaptation to climate change is a state competence today and I think it should be decentralized” because the state scale is “A little distant”, believes the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy. “We need to be much closer to the ground for this flood management”.

Broader competences related to water

As for the intercommunalities, they “Are a bit small to cope with these investments” for Valérie Pécresse, candidate for a second term on Sunday. “The sanitation network is inter-municipal competence, it will remain so; but there is everything upstream: soil removal, flood spreading areas (…), water retention basins, drainage organizations outside the urban area ”, listed the candidate of the right. The intercommunalities (metropolises, urban communities, agglomeration and municipalities) obtained the management of aquatic environments and the prevention of floods by the decentralization laws of January 27, 2014 and August 7, 2015.

In Houilles, around thirty people were taken care of, fed and accommodated in a gymnasium, with the reinforcement of the civil protection and the Red Cross, indicated the mayor who will ask for the recognition of the state of natural disaster. . Like that of Alfortville (Val-de-Marne), another Ile-de-France town affected by a violent storm on Saturday.

The thunderstorms that have raged since Saturday at the end of the day in France have caused a lot of damage, especially in the departments of the northern half. Eighteen divers were mobilized to search for a 17-year-old boy missing in Beauvais (Oise) after being washed away by a swollen river.

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