People will see a ‘different version of the CBD in the future’

Demographer Bernard Salt says he thinks the central business districts around Australia “will recover” with there being a great cohort of people who “can’t wait” to get back to the city office.

“And to be fair there are a lot of jobs that really do need collaboration and teamwork and all that sort of thing,” Mr Salt told Sky News Australia.

“However, in the final analysis, my assessment is that perhaps another five to 10 percentage points of the workforce will actually work from home in a permanent or semi-permanent arrangement.

“During the lockdowns the estimate is maybe 50 per cent of the workforce work from home – that will come back as people go back to work and the CBDs spring back to life.

“But I think the kind of work that people will do in the CBDs will be different to before.

“I do think we’re going to see a different version of the CBD in the future.”


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