Pets are rescued from gas explosion at home in Noginsk

The fate of the pets left in the house number 9A on June 28 street in Noginsk near Moscow is now in the hands of rescuers near Moscow. Some of the pets have already been rescued from the house, the rest are promised to be obtained in the coming days.

In this house, we recall, on September 8, there was an explosion of household gas. Seven people died, more than 20 were injured. Several apartments were destroyed, in one of the entrances, ceilings on four floors collapsed. Residents were evacuated, and those who lived in the entrance next to the burst in were allowed to enter the apartments and pick up essential things, and those whose entrance was damaged were not allowed home, fearing further collapse. All the animals, which the owners did not manage to take out into the street in a hasty evacuation, remained in the apartments. And for more than two weeks they have been living alone.

The owners of pets left without supervision, food and water, as well as caring residents of Noginsk, who noticed animals in the windows of a destroyed house, drew attention to the problem. We will note that no one is allowed inside the house, because the examination revealed serious violations of the construct.

“In the first days, rescuers, with the support of volunteers and local residents, rescued 2 cats, a kitten, a dog and a parrot in a cage. But there are supposedly three more cats left in the house,” says Igor Tomchuk, head of the Noginsk territorial administration of Mosoblpozhspas. According to him, another attempt to rescue them from their empty apartments will be made on Monday, September 27. Considering the wind predicted by forecasters and multi-day rains, which have seriously dampened the house “opened” by the explosion, it will not be easy, but, says Tomchuk, the situation is under round-the-clock control.

The animals are frightened and do not respond to human voices, so rescuers are trying to install cat trapping devices in the house.


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