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The resignation of General Eduardo Pazuello from the post of Health Minister in March interrupted the secret investigation by the Federal Police into deaths from suffocation in Amazonas and into the role of the active general in these deaths.

Without the post of minister, Pazuello lost the special forum. This led to the displacement of the inquiry opened by the PF to investigate alleged crimes by the military when it failed to respond in the oxygen shortage crisis in Manaus, in January.

The investigation was initiated by decision of the STF (Supreme Federal Court). On March 24, after the general’s resignation, the STF sent the inquiry to the first instance of the Federal Court in the Federal District.

The process was then sent for analysis by the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) in Brasília. Two and a half months later, the Attorney’s Office has still not sent the records to the PF in the Federal District, who will now be responsible for conducting the investigations.

The steps already taken during the period in which Pazuello was minister fell to a police team from the special investigations sector, which handles investigations involving authorities with jurisdiction. The loss of jurisdiction also led to a shift in the investigation attributions within the PF.

The displacement of the inquiry had practical effects on the progress of the investigations, which were moving towards quantifying and detailing the deaths from suffocation in Amazonas due to the collapse of oxygen in hospitals, which began on January 14th.

The PF also sought to discover Pazuello’s direct responsibility for the deaths.

Then the delegate responsible for the investigation, Bernardo Amaral sent to the Secretary of Health of Amazonas, Marcellus Campêlo, a letter in which he asked for the names of all patients who died from Covid-19 from January 14 to February 5th. The hospitals where each person was found should also be informed.

The delegate sent an official letter to Pazuello, on March 1, so that the general could present the following explanations: when he became aware of the health crisis in Amazonas, what measures did he take, what management processes exist for monitoring oxygen stock and production, if any contingency plans and if there is identification of logistical problems for transporting the input.

At that time, Pazuello had already testified to the PF and delivered, after the hearing, a chronology of facts to try to say that he acted in the face of the imminent oxygen shortage.

The PF had also already heard from the Secretary of Health of Amazonas and one of Pazuello’s main assistants in the ministry, Mayra Pinheiro, Secretary of Work Management and Health Education.

During the oxygen crisis, Pinheiro went to Manaus to encourage the use of chloroquine —a drug without Covid’s efficacy— in health facilities.

Faced with the resignation of the general from the post of minister, the PF decided to suspend the hearings that were scheduled for the continuation of the investigations until there was a decision by the STF on the direction of the inquiry. The PF had already requested another 60 days to proceed with the investigation.

Transferred to the first instance of the Federal Court, the process was hidden — it does not even appear in the procedural progress available in the judicial consultation system. The inquiry is being processed in secret at the 10th Federal Court of Brasília.

According to the MPF, which started to analyze the records for the continuation of the investigations, there is no suspension of the investigation. The analysis is in the final stage, according to the Federal Attorney’s Office.

The natural path would be to forward the inquiry to the Federal Police in the Federal District. In some cases, according to sources heard by the report, the MPF takes steps on its own and delays the forwarding of the case. But it is rare that prosecutors of the Republic choose, for example, to carry out an operation on their own to secure new evidence of crimes.

In two articles, published on Tuesday (8) and on Wednesday (9), the leaf revealed details of the confidential investigation by the PF investigating Pazuello.

The PF gathered new official letters showing that the then minister and the military commander of the Amazon, General Theophilo Oliveira, were called upon to urgently help in the transport of oxygen that was in Guarulhos (SP). This was five days before the collapse. The official letters are signed by the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), an ally of president Jair Bolsonaro.

Other documents included in the inquiry are emails exchanged between Ministry of Health officials in which they urgently expedite the operationalization of the application created to indicate, indiscriminately, chloroquine and other drugs without efficacy for Covid-19. TrateCOV was launched by Pazuello in Manaus and soon taken off the air.

Regarding the oxygen crisis in Amazonas, the active general maintains that he did everything in his power, that he only learned of the possibility of a collapse on the night of January 10th and that the government of Amazonas was responsible for providing sufficient quantities of oxygen. input. Pazuello denies having been silent or having committed crimes in the episode.

Regarding TrateCOV, the former minister said in Covid’s CPI in the Senate that there was a hacker attack on the system, which would explain the fact that the application indiscriminately indicates chloroquine, azithromycin and ivermectin to any type of patient.

Since June 1st, Pazuello has been the Secretary for Strategic Studies at the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs, linked to the Presidency of the Republic. He dispatches at the Planalto Palace.


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