PGR intends to slice Covid’s CPI report for ongoing actions at the Federal Public Ministry – 10/27/2021 – Power

The PGR (Attorney General’s Office) already has a survey made of procedures and areas in the MPF (Federal Prosecutor’s Office) to allocate slices of Covid’s CPI final report to the Senate, approved by the senators this Tuesday night (26) .

The report, which calls for the indictment of two companies and 78 people, including President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), will be delivered this Wednesday (27) to the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, according to the forecast of the summit of the CPI

The congressmen’s idea is to deliver the document into Aras’s hands.

The survey already carried out by the PGR assumes that the CPI will deliver the complete final report approved by the collegiate.

Thus, in addition to decisions on investigations into the actions of Bolsonaro, his ministers and parliamentarians allied in the pandemic, Aras and his team would have the prerogative of defining where the other notes in the document will be sent.

The CPI also intends to send the report directly to state attorneys’ offices.

It will be up to the attorney general and his team to carry out the investigations and steps involving the authorities with privileged jurisdiction with the STF (Supreme Federal Court) and the STJ (Superior Court of Justice).

They have jurisdiction in the STF Bolsonaro and its four ministers with a proposal for indictment: Marcelo Queiroga (Health), Onyx Lorenzoni (Work and Social Security), Walter Braga Netto (Defense) and Wagner Rosário (CGU).

The same happens with the president’s two sons —senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ) and deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP)— and allied federal parliamentarians.

The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), has a forum with the STJ. Accusations that can be understood as administrative improbity would have as their destination the first instance of the Federal Court.

So far, the surroundings of Aras do not foresee the formation of a task force to analyze the approved report and define future investigations.

The indictment requests, based on evidence gathered over six months of parliamentary investigation, will be analyzed especially by Aras’ criminal advisor and by the Giac (Covid-19’s Integrated Monitoring Office), a group that has been in operation since the beginning of the pandemic for monitor administrative and coordination measures of the MPF.

The criminal advisory is formed by deputy attorneys general of the Republic who are strictly trusted by Aras, in particular the deputy attorney general, Humberto Jacques, and the coordinator of the working group for criminal operations at the STF, Lindôra Araújo.

There are procedures open in different prosecutors in the Republic, especially in Brasília and Amazonas.

The MPF in the Federal District had already requested the sharing of evidence —copies of testimonies given at the CPI—to support a criminal investigation procedure that investigates suspicions of corruption in the contract for the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

The senators who controlled the CPI during its six months of existence — the so-called G7 — fear that Aras will automatically drop charges, due to his actions in favor of Bolsonaro and the government during his tenure as attorney general.

Lindôra, Aras’ main ally in the criminal sphere, even called into question the effectiveness of using masks in preventing coronavirus infection, contrary to a scientific consensus in favor of protective equipment.

In a statement sent to the STF, the assistant prosecutor stated that she did not see a crime in Bolsonaro’s practice of not wearing masks and of promoting agglomeration day after day in the pandemic.

Minister Rosa Weber pointed out perplexity with the opinion and asked the PGR for a new assessment.

Lindôra is considered at the PGR as Aras’s most pocket-oriented assistant, including a dialogue with the president’s eldest son, Flávio Bolsonaro.

Within the body, the assessment is that the most decisive role in the analysis of the final report of the CPI will not be Lindôra, but Humberto Jacques, number two in the hierarchy of the PGR.

Jacques tried to postpone until after the conclusion of the work of the CPI the analysis of investigating or not the President of the Republic for malfeasance.

Inside the Palácio da Alvorada, Bolsonaro would have been warned about irregularities in the billionaire contract of Covaxin and told that he would call the PF to investigate the suspicion and he did not do so.

Once again, Minister Rosa Weber disagreed with the position of the PGR and demanded an analysis of the crime news presented by three senators to the STF. Jacques then asked the opening of an inquiry to investigate the president, which was authorized by the STF on the same day.

Aras was also reluctant to arrange for an inquiry to be opened to investigate suspected crimes by active-duty Army General Eduardo Pazuello when he was minister of health.

After the accumulation of evidence of the minister’s omission in the oxygen crisis in Amazonas, where patients died of suffocation in hospitals for lack of input, the attorney general initially filed a factual report.

This kind of preliminary procedure is preferred in Aras’ modus operandi in relation to the Bolsonaro government. Many get by the way, or are archived.

In the case of Pazuello, the investigation was opened, at the request of the PGR and by decision of the STF. The investigations, however, made little progress and soon had to be transferred to the first instance of the Federal Court in Brasília.

Pazuello was dismissed as Health Minister. Sheltered in a position of trust at the Palácio do Planalto, the general no longer has privileged jurisdiction.

Aras will have to take a stand in the face of notes of common crimes attributed to the President of the Republic: epidemic resulting in death, infraction of preventive sanitary measures, malfeasance, irregular use of public funds, incitement to crime and falsification of private documents.

The CPI also concluded that Bolsonaro committed crimes against humanity, which will lead to the submission of the final report to the International Criminal Court, and a crime of responsibility, whose investigation is attributed to the National Congress, through an impeachment action.


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