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Businessman Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, known as the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, was indicted this Wednesday (27) on suspicion of attempted murder against a competitor in attracting customers for investment in cryptocurrencies in Cabo Frio, city of Rio de Janeiro where he worked.

The victim was businessman Nilson Alves da Silva, known as Nilsinho, who was shot on March 20 this year. According to the Civil Police, Glaidson ordered the crime because his competitor spread the word in the city that he would be arrested by the Federal Police.

Glaidson was pre-emptively arrested in August of this year on suspicion of running a “financial pyramid” scheme involving investments in cryptocurrencies.

“To start the criminal enterprise, the ‘Pharaoh of Bitcoins’ ordered a trusted partner to hire the perpetrators of the crime. To make the police investigation more difficult, four individuals hired to kill the victim used a cloned vehicle and had the support of a regularized car to make the road trips,” says the Civil Police, in a statement.

The investigation by the 126th DP (Cabo Frio) also indicates that the two perpetrators of the crimes against Nilsinho also participated in the murder against Wesley Pessano, another investor in cryptocurrencies that operated in the city. Police are still investigating whether Glaidson was also the mastermind of this murder.

Glaidson has been held in pre-trial detention since August as part of the investigations that culminated in Operation Kryptos. It promised a return of 10% monthly on the amounts contributed by investors from investments in cryptocurrencies.

The suspicion is that it was a “financial pyramid”, in which new customers would guarantee payment for the old ones. The scheme causes losses to customers when the input of resources no longer meets the needs of outputs.

He and 16 other people are defendants in criminal proceedings in the Federal Court on charges of operating a financial institution without authorization, fraudulent management, irregular negotiation of real estate values ​​and a criminal organization.

The complaint did not attribute to Glaidson and the others involved the crime against popular economy, as the “financial pyramid” schemes are usually framed. The Attorney’s Office, however, claims that it continues to investigate other facts and people involved in the case.

A spreadsheet located from the breach of telematic confidentiality of the investigated showed that 67,598 customers were attracted by November 2020 by the promise of a high and safe return on their investments.

Until March of this year, GAS Consultoria investors had contributed a total of R$ 5 billion, according to another spreadsheet obtained from the investigations.

Among the clients, according to a report by the Federal Police, are drug dealers and militia members who work in Rio de Janeiro.

Also included as a client of GAS Consultoria is the former superintendent of the Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro, Jonas Roza. He made 143 deposits totaling R$1.9 million, according to a Coaf report sent to Covid’s CPI. He stated that the values ​​are wrong, but that he would only respond to the case in court.​

The spreadsheets held by the MPF show that Glaidson had another 48 people involved in attracting customers. Through these intermediaries, according to the Attorney, the company founded in Cabo Frio (RJ) reached investors in 13 states of the country and even abroad.

According to the MPF, Glaidson’s actions took place without any authorization from the Central Bank and CVM (Securities Commission).

GAS Consultoria denied, in a note, the irregularities pointed out by the MPF. The company claims that “it has solid legal arguments to refute the accusations made, able to demonstrate the absolute legality and regularity of its activities, and the inexistence of injury to anyone”.

The firm stated that the allegation is a “positive fact” because it allows the defense to express its accusations.

“It is important to clarify that the complaint offered by the MPF does not impute financial damage to any person to any of the accused. There is not even an accusation of the practice of financial pyramids”, says the company’s statement.


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