Planalto Palace as the mother-in-law’s house – 11/20/2021 – Elio Gaspari

The captain ordered a 10-meter by 2.5-meter panel to be hung in the lobby of the Planalto Palace. It’s called “Brazil above all” and it’s your taste.

Bolsonaro also wants to privatize Petrobras. It is your right to defend the idea, taking the measures that the law determines. It is not your right, however, to treat the building where you work as private property. If the Heritage Institute is not used to protect the art of the presidential palace, it would be better to close it.

Brazilian palaces started to be treated as private property recently. Getúlio Vargas didn’t touch Catete or Laranjeiras. At JK’s Dawn, the dining room was lit by fluorescent lights that ruined the ladies’ makeup. During FHC’s government, a large wooden sculpture was placed in the garden of Alvorada. With Lula’s arrival, the piece was removed and ended up in a shed. A bed of red flowers in the shape of the PT star entered the place. In Planalto, Nosso Guia installed a small museum with pieces from his life. Lula is gone, and with him the flower star and the museum.

American President Ronald Reagan compared the palace of “Alvarado” to the HQ of an insurance company. Bolsonaro had already displayed in the Planalto’s lobby, where he put the panel, the clothes he and his wife Michelle wore on the inauguration day. They are still there, apart.

These manifestations of false historical or artistic taste are cheesy and embarrassing. Brazilian museums preserve pieces that could be lent to Planalto. Those walls are not political propaganda panel frames.

milk’s message

Whatever the result of the tucana preview, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, left his mark on the presidential debate. He announced that he is against the reelection of presidents, governors and mayors. He has the authority to do so because he did not run for re-election in Pelotas, he went to the serene and two years later he was elected governor of Rio Grande do Sul.

Lula was against re-election, until his time came. Bolsonaro also promised not to dispute it.

All the evils of national life, from uncontrolled spending to give-and-take, have structural roots and are tough to crack. Only re-election can be canceled with an exemplary lack of ambition and a parliamentary act.

Nunes Marques, the quiet

Since arriving at the Federal Supreme Court, Justice Kassio Nunes Marques has been seen as a silent and dissident figure, with a way of penetrating. He became a discreet articulator in the choices made by Planalto to fill vacancies in the Judiciary.

In this he is a master, so much so that he came to court as a true underdog.

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