Plug-in hybrids in the sights of green associations

DECRYPTION – These cars, which are on the rise, are accused of emitting more C02 than gasoline models because they are heavier.

Praised by motorists despite their high price, are plug-in hybrids that combine a gasoline engine and an electric motor with a rechargeable battery in danger of extinction? It would be a cataclysm for the automotive industry, which relies heavily on these sales to ensure the electrification of its production. Last year, out of one million electrified vehicles (100% battery-powered and plug-in hybrids) sold in Europe, almost half were plug-in hybrids. In France, their success is confirmed. In April, their market share even exceeded that of 100% electric vehicles.

But this dynamic could be broken by the desire of Brussels to toughen regulations on average levels of CO emissions.2 new vehicles. For their part, the governments which have supported the purchase of these “electrified” cars, equipped with batteries capable of emitting little CO2 in town or in built-up areas, will stop subsidizing them.

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