“Police and justice: public powerlessness”

By Vincent Trémolet de Villers, Deputy Editorial Director.

Pangloss consoles himself by explaining that nothing has changed: one day, it’s Beauvau who shouts the loudest; the next day, it’s Vendôme. He remembers the police against Badinter, Pasqua against Méhaignerie, Manuel Valls against Christiane Taubira… The tension between the maintenance of order and the rule of law, it is true, does not date from yesterday. But today, disorder is spreading, the state is collapsing, the law is running out of steam. When police officers die from the blows of Islamists, the bullets of bandits, it is no longer a theoretical controversy between the advocates of security and the defenders of freedom. An elected official, for a glance, undergoes the beating of the delinquents and a doctor discouraged by the gratuitous violence closes his office. Teenage girl killed with a knife in Ivry-sur-Seine, woman burnt alive in Mérignac, rape in the streets of Paris: the thresholds are crossed one by one. In the France of impunity, no one is afraid of the gendarme anymore, no one is afraid of the judge. One and the other

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