Police confirm patrols after advert for illegal dogging meet is seen by 25,000 enthusiasts

Dogging is NOT ‘essential travel’: Police step up patrols after online advert for illegal roadside rendezvous is seen by 25,000 enthusiasts

  • Planned outdoor sex meeting has attracted the ire of authorities in Essex
  • The scheduled outside session in Canvey Island has been slated by the council
  • Police have also warned people should think twice about heading to gatherings

Police have poured cold water on a planned dogging meet-up of up to 25,000 people, warning al fresco sex encounters breach Covid rules.

The eyebrow-raising advice was issued by Essex Police after an event for the car-based hook-ups was trailed online this weekend.

A dogging website publicised the plans online for Canvey Island in a post seen by a feared 25,000 enthusiasts.

It moved both the council and police force to speak out to discourage strangers from driving to the area to watch or take part in sex acts in public.

Officers have even confirmed it will patrol to make sure it cannot happen after the invitation from website Let’s Go Dogging.

The leader of Castle Point Council, which runs Thames Estuary island Canvey, says he wants it “stamped out”.

Canvey Island in Essex is feared to be heading for a deluge of doggers this weekend

The meet-up was organised by sex site Let's Go Dogging and its post has been seen by 25,000

The meet-up was organised by sex site Let’s Go Dogging and its post has been seen by 25,000

Conservative councillor Norman Smith said: “It’s something I have never heard of as an issue in Castle Point, and during this period of time it is totally against the rules and it’s not something we would want to associate with Castle Point at all.

“I am hoping that it is the first time, and we can stop it before it starts.

“I certainly hope it doesn’t gain momentum in our area, I just think of young children being out and about, it’s not something you would want them to witness.”

Essex Police has urged anyone considering a social gathering to reconsider and will continue to engage with locals to encourage them to do the “right thing”.

A spokesman said: “At the moment, England is in a national lockdown and only essential travel is permitted, which is limited to travel to and from work if you cannot work from home, to shop for essential items, to care for someone, to attend a medical appointment or to attend education or childcare.

“We would urge anyone thinking of travelling for reasons outside of those covered, not to.

The Globe Inn pub in Newton St Loe, Bath, had to barricade its car park against doggers

The Globe Inn pub in Newton St Loe, Bath, had to barricade its car park against doggers

“We will be patrolling sites across Canvey over the weekend as part of our regular patrols.

“Covid-19 infection rates have been falling in Essex and we’d like to thank people across the county for following the government guidelines.

“However, the virus is still prevalent in our community so it’s essential that you continue to stick to the rules.

“The best way to control the spread of the virus, protect your loved ones and ease pressure on the NHS is to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary journeys.

“The vast majority of people are doing the right thing but, where clear and blatant breaches have taken place, our officers have responded to them.

“If you are thinking about organising a social gathering or making a non-essential journey, please reconsider, stay safe and stop the unnecessary spread of Covid-19.”



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