Police officers “pick up” a girl who fell from a balcony to escape from her rapists!


Police officers in Barnaul, in the Russian Altai region, managed to capture a girl who found herself on the edge of the third floor, after she ran away from her rapists.

The Russian Investigation Commission reported that the 18-year-old girl had lured her to the apartment, under the pretext of talking seriously with her, and there were two other men waiting for her in the apartment.

The three bad guys beat and raped her, and the operation continued for several hours, but when the opportunity arose, she managed to escape, jumping out of the window and clung to the edge of an attached balcony, and when passers-by heard her screams, they rushed to call the police.

The three criminals have now been arrested and charged with rape with prior conspiracy.

Source: Novosti

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