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The death of fugitive Lázaro Barbosa, this morning (28), does not put an end to the work of the Civil Police of Goiás, which, from now on, will focus efforts to clarify whether the accused of having committed multiple murders received help to escape the encirclement of security officers for 20 days.

“Investigations do not end here. We still have a few people to investigate and arrest,” the secretary of Public Security of Goiás, Rodney Miranda, told reporters. According to him, the Civil Police is already investigating the suspicion that Lázaro was acting as a hired killer and had the help of people who did not want him arrested.

The main target of the investigation of the alleged link between Lázaro and killers is, according to Miranda, the owner of a farm where the fugitive went to hide and get food, Elmi Caetano Evangelista, arrested last Thursday (24).

“The entrepreneur [chacareiro] who is in prison is one of the leaders of the organization”, said the secretary, rejecting the thesis that Lázaro was acting alone. “Further ahead, when the investigation is completed, we will post [todas as informações] for you guys. But there is already a line of inquiry. One of the things [hipóteses] is that he [Lázaro] acted as a jagunço or security for some people”, said the state secretary, declaring that the alleged “organization” may be involved in crimes such as robbery and murders in which Lázaro may have a role.

According to Miranda, Lázaro changed his clothes several times (“Proof that he had a hammock that covered him”) and, when he was killed, he had around R$ 4.4 thousand in his pocket. Which, for the secretary, evidences not only his intention to continue fleeing, but also that he had the support of other people. The money is certainly an indication that he was wanting to leave the state or the country. And this question of him wanting to escape, of course with the sponsorship [de terceiros], there were people interested in him not being arrested.

Lázaro was surprised by police when he arrived at his ex-mother-in-law’s house, in the rural area of ​​Águas Lindas (GO), about 50 kilometers from Brasília. “He went to meet her. We were already monitoring, we tried to catch him at the moment [em que ele se aproximou], but he even threatened some police officers,” Miranda said, explaining that after being surrounded, Lázaro exchanged fire with the police and was shot. His ex-wife and his ex-mother-in-law were brought in to testify.

Rescued alive, Lázaro was taken to the Municipal Hospital Bom Jesus, in Águas Lindas de Goiás (GO), but he did not resist his injuries. His body has already been transferred to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) in Goiania, where he will be examined before being released so that his family can arrange for burial.

Lázaro is accused of murdering four people from the same family on a farm in the Federal District. A fifth victim was reportedly taken hostage in Goiás. He is still suspected of shooting three people in the municipality of Cocalzinho de Goiás, where the searches were concentrated. In addition, he had already been convicted of murder in Bahia.

Edition: Valéria Aguiar

On 06/28/2021
Source: Alex Rodrigues – Reporter at Agência Brasil – Brasília

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