Poll: Support for Prime Minister Scott Morrison amid Covid-19 pandemic dips

Confidence in the federal government’s ability to lead Australia out of this Covid-19 crisis has plummeted to its lowest point in a year.

The popularity of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is dipping, while support of the federal government’s handling of Covid-19 has fallen to its lowest point in a year, according to a new poll.

Although Mr Albanese is still a fair way behind Mr Morrison, Australians’ confidence in the Labor leader increased from 24 per cent in May to 28 per cent in June.

Confidence in Mr Morrison to lead the country dipped slightly from 50 per cent to 48.

The new data from the Essential Report also showed 40 per cent of Australians viewed the commonwealth less favourably than they did a year ago.

Compared with other Australians, Victorians were more likely to look less favourably on the federal government than they did a year ago, at 48 per cent.

Western Australians followed at 45 per cent and then Queenslanders at 39 per cent, South Australians at 37 per cent and those in NSW at 34 per cent.

A positive rating of the federal government’s handling of Covid-19 also dropped, falling to 53 per cent this month.

It‘s the lowest rating since March last year when the global pandemic hit.

A positive rating of the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic decreased in all states since last month but fell most steeply in Victoria, where it was now at 42 per cent compared with 57 per cent in May.

The figures also showed Victorians had lost faith in its state government’s response to Covid-19 following a resurgence in local infections and the state’s fourth major lockdown in 12 months announced in May.

Support for the Andrews government dropped from 63 per cent last month to 48 per cent in June – its lowest point since October last year.

Confidence in the South Australia and Queensland governments also dipped to 67 and 65 per cent from 71 and 68 per cent in May.

A 75 per cent rating of the West Australian government remained the highest of all states, but that figure is down from a high of 91 per cent in March this year.

NSW was the only state where confidence in the state government’s handling of Covid-19 remained consistent with last month.

More than half of Australians (52 per cent) said they would get vaccinated as soon as possible, or have already have been vaccinated, an increase from 44 per cent last month.

Vaccine rates have soared in Victoria following the latest Covid-19 outbreak, with 56 per cent of Victorians saying they would get vaccinated as soon as possible or have already been vaccinated compared with 37 per cent in May.

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