Positive discrimination: “The logic of stickers”

The editorial of the Figaro, by Laurence de Charette.

First the stickers appeared – instead of the notes -, red, yellow or green … it doesn’t matter, as long as they don’t. “Stigmatize” no one, argued in chorus the singers of this school ready to do anything, including sacrificing knowledge, to appear “playful”. Over the years, stickers have flourished with all kinds of level “descriptors” (official jargon intended to get around the new taboo on evaluation) with vague content; and even a few smileys …

But the maneuver is not enough: it was necessary to note that the classes persisted in being composed of good, but also of bad pupils. And even, if we are to believe the international rankings, a sadly decreasing number of good elements. No one ignores it: breaking the thermometer does not cure the patient. The logic of the stickers, that which consists in denying the evil instead of fighting it, nevertheless wins all levels of National Education.

She has just gangrene Affelnet: to school results, the assignment software

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