Postpartum depression, a taboo difficult to lift

PSYCHOLOGY – Up to 15% of women could be victims of this psychic collapse that accompanies the arrival of a child. A serious pathology, but one that can be treated … As long as you dare to talk about it.

“Three years is what it took me to get my head out of the water after the birth of my first child. Even a midwife (in the literal sense, “the woman who knows”) pedals, feels drowned, happy, fit and exhausted after the earthquake of the arrival of a child ”, says midwife Anna Roy in The postpartum dream life (with the collaboration of Caroline Michel, Larousse, 2021). In the collective imagination, the period following the arrival of a baby (the “postpartum”) is meant to be a time of intense happiness and fulfillment. But in reality it is not always a path of roses “ The arrival of a child is deeply moving. All areas of your life need to be reinvented: your body, your daily life, your work, your relationship, your relationship with others, your sexuality, your family … », Explains Anna Roy. What upset the young childbirth to the point, sometimes, that she risks drowning in it.

Fatigue, hormonal upheaval (with the fall

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