President enters a commercial flight in ES and hears cries of ‘genocide’, ‘outside, Bolsonaro’ and ‘myth’ – 11/06/2021 – Power

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) surprised passengers by entering, on the afternoon of Friday (11), a commercial plane that was parked at Vitória airport, in Espírito Santo.

Some passengers shouted “out, Bolsonaro” and called him a genocide. Others supported him with cries of “myth”.

After being harassed while still inside the aircraft, the president responded to the protest. “Whoever says ‘outside, Bolsonaro’ should be traveling on a donkey, not by plane (sic). Is it or is not it? To be in solidarity with their candidate”, said the president.

Bolsonaro landed in Vitória late this Friday morning.

Initially, he was received by a group of supporters, but ended up being targeted by protesters, who carried a poster alluding to the 500,000 deaths by Covid-19, a mark that the country should reach in the coming weeks.

Supporters of the president harassed the protesters with curses and tried to tear up the poster.

From the airport in the capital of Espírito Santo, Bolsonaro flew over the Port of Vitória, stretches of the BR-447 and also the works on the contour of Mestre Álvaro, in the municipality of Serra, in the metropolitan region.

Afterwards, he went to the city of São Mateus to participate in the ceremony for the handover of 434 houses in the Residencial Solar São Mateus housing complex.

In a speech against restrictive measures to confront Covid-19, the president said that the Armed Forces can take to the streets to guarantee the freedom of the people.

“I would never make a curfew. I have the Armed Forces on my side. I’m her chieftain. They will never go out on the streets to keep them at home. They will be able, one day, to take to the streets to guarantee their freedom and their greater good, than what is foreseen in our Constitution”, he said.

Bolsonaro again defended the use of ineffective drugs to fight Covid. “I took the hydroxychloroquine. Perhaps I was the only head of state who sought a remedy for this affliction.”

He stated that he would remain firm in defending what he believes. “I won’t give up. I’m not headstrong, I’m persevering. We fight to save lives and face the most varied challenges.”

This is the first time that Bolsonaro has visited Espírito Santo since he was elected president, in 2018.

The municipal administration planned a ceremony with 3,000 people. However, due to a decree from the state government, the audience was reduced to 300 people.

Outside the ceremony area, supporters of the president gathered, many unmasked, ignoring prevention protocols against Covid-19. Bolsonaro, once again, did not wear a mask.

According to the risk map of the Government of Espírito Santo, São Mateus is at moderate risk of contamination from Covid-19.


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