President of the Santos Council calls for improvements in customer service: “Festival of barbarities”

Celso Jatene, President of the Deliberative Council of the Santos, sent a letter to Andrés Rueda, president of the club, this Tuesday. Celso complained about the support provided to the fans during the games in Vila Belmiro, claiming that the company that manages Sócio Rei had enough time to solve the problems.

“This administration had ten months to prepare and adapt to the gradual return of the fans to Vila Belmiro, however, even though there were four games, two initial with four thousand fans, which served as a test, the third already with eight thousand, several problems were verified and in the most diverse sectors”, he wrote.

The chairman of the Board highlighted the match against Palmeiras, highlighting the lack of guidance to fans. In this Monday, the club had already issued a note, acknowledging the errors.

“As if the experience of three games wasn’t enough to try to improve a service that had already been provided of terrible quality, which was seen this last Sunday, in the fourth game with fans and now with full capacity, in fact only thirteen attended thousand fans, it was a festival of barbarities, lack of respect and brutality with the councilors, members and fans and in all sectors of the stadium”, said Celso.

“In light of all that has happened, we ask you (Andrés Rueda) to demand that the Partner King’s service provider, as well as those responsible for the secretariat, concierge, guidance and security services, deal with the counselor, the associate and the fan with respect and dignity. Banal expressions for associates who have a portfolio and a ticket, such as: ‘I can’t do anything!’, should be prohibited by these employees”, concluded the Chairman of the Board.

Fábio Carille’s team returns to Vila Belmiro this Wednesday, when they face Red Bull Bragantino, at 7 pm (GMT), in a game valid for the 31st round of the Brazilian Championship.

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