Presidential 2022, anti-Macron hatred, LR candidate … The indiscretions of Figaro Magazine

CHRONICLE – Small sentences and behind the scenes of the political week, by Carl Meeus.

The Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol) has published on its site the fourth part of its survey on populist risk in France. A little over 3000 people were questioned between April 6 and 12, 2021. This fourth wave confirms and amplifies the trends of the previous ones: the potential for electoral protest increases as the presidential election approaches.

These are now 78% of French respondents who plan to vote, in the first round, for a populist, far-left candidacy, to abstain or to vote white. In 2017, the addition of these electoral behaviors in the presidential election represented 60.9% of voters. They were only 30.8% in 2007. Another worrying element noted by Dominique Reynié, the boss of Fondapol: “The idea of ​​a candidate who does not come from any political party is mostly attractive.” Among French people questioned, 55% “could vote” for such a candidate.

Finally, last element,

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