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The Public Ministry of Mato Grosso opened an investigation against Father Paulo Antônio Müller, from Nossa Senhora Aparecida de Tapurah Parish (433 km from Cuiabá), for homophobic offenses and criticism of same-sex marriage.

The case occurred during a mass last June 13 that was being broadcast on social networks. The priest even quoted journalist Erick Rianielli, from TV Globo in Rio de Janeiro, and her husband.

“We want to pray for you who are married in the church, engaged, boyfriend. Let’s ask God that we can live this time well. We do dating, not like Globo showed this week with two faggots. A reporter with a faggot called Pedrinho, ridiculous,” he said.

Rianielli had declared herself to her boyfriend, Pedro Figueiredo, live on the TV news program Bom Dia RJ, on Valentine’s Day (12).

“My love, my husband, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day to us and to all the couples in love who are watching us. May you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Now, Pedro, see if you make dinner for us, me gives that strength there,” said the journalist during a live broadcast.

The priest also said he hopes that the faithful do not have the same “thought” as the journalist. “May this not be your little head or your son’s or your daughter’s. Take the Bible and look at the book of Genesis. God created man and woman, conceived the family for the two to unite,” he said.

“Let them call the union of two fags and two lesbians what they want, but not marriage, please. This is lack of respect for God, this is sacrilege, blasphemy. Marriage is a beautiful and dignified thing,” he added.

The Mato Grosso Prosecutor’s Office informed that it intends to analyze the facts and gather the necessary subsidies for the adoption of the appropriate judicial measure.

“The State Public Ministry, through the Operational Support Center for the Defense of Human Rights and Diversities, repudiates any type of hate speech. It reiterates that the statements made by the priest went beyond religious freedom and that they may even result in the proposing of measures extrajudicial, public civil action for collective moral damage caused to society, as well as criminal action, for any crime committed,” he said in a statement.

A leaf he tried to get in touch with the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Parish of Tapurah-MT, but got no response. The diocese of the municipality of Diamantino, responsible for Tapurah, informed that Bishop Vital Chitolina was on a trip and that only he could inform if any procedure will be adopted.

After the repercussion of the case, the Parish of Nossa Senhora Aparecida de Tapurah deleted its page on Facebook.

Journalist Erick Rianielli had not manifested until this Wednesday afternoon. He was also reportedly the victim of other homophobic attacks in Brasília. “I received some reports about a businessman from Brasilia who reacted with homophobia to a video in which I declared love to my husband. Thanks for all the messages of support! About the businessman… I don’t think any LGBT in the DF will eat more in the stores of him”, published last Tuesday (15) on the social network.


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