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Mr McGrady shared some insight into his time spent working for the Firm in a recent YouTube video for his 200,000 loyal subscribers. He worked for the Queen at Buckingham Palace for 11 years before relocating to Diana’s Kensington Palace home from 1993 to 1997.

A key member of staff, he is even part of the Spencer movie in which actress Kristen Stewart plays Lady Diana and Sean Harris plays chef McGrady.

The former royal employee reveals that Lady Di was too afraid to ask for seconds when dining with the Queen, as sitting at the monarch table made her too stressed.

“I knew the princess would come down to the kitchen for seconds,” Mr McGrady said.

“She was too scared to ask for seconds in front of the Queen.”

He adds that Diana would eat the leftovers on the kitchen table, where she would discuss “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Misérables” with him.

He also claims Diana’s favourite dessert was crêpe soufflée, an elegant twist on the classic French thin pancake.

As he was fond of the Princess of Wales, the chef had a special technique to make sure she would enjoy her crêpes each time she would eat at the Queen’s table.

In charge of the lunch menu, Mr McGrady said he had to present the Queen with two options to choose from.

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“Though Sean Harris [who plays Darren McGrady in the film] called her ‘Diana’, I respected her title far too much for that – I always called her Your Royal Highness,” explained the former royal chef.

He also mentioned that the Sandringham Estate, where the movie is supposed to be set, had five chefs.

However, in the film, McGrady said he saw “enough food to feed a whole cruise ship,” which would have been impossible to make in real life.

“We’d be working through the night to get that amount of food done!” he added.


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