Prisoners tortured with the anthem of Russia – MK

It is turned on twice a day to foster patriotism.

Do you know the easiest way to wean a person from something? Make him do this “something” from time to time. A little time will pass, and what was loved will become disgusting. To the nausea.

After being released from places of imprisonment, Russian citizens cannot listen to the Russian anthem without trembling. Instead of a feeling of patriotism, he only evokes in them a burning hatred.

Imagine this picture. Dawn. A siren is activated on the zone – a signal to rise. All dress up at a run, build on the street. The siren turns off, and immediately the wonderful music of Aleksandrov and the equally wonderful text of Mikhalkov begins to sound. In this case, the convicts must stand evenly, with their heads bowed low, and keep their hands behind their backs. How do you like this “education by patriotism”?

The convict told me what feelings he experienced at these moments. And he is not alone, one must think. For censorship reasons, I will not quote the interlocutor.

But, apparently, such an “educational element” was not enough for the citizens of the bosses. If earlier the wake-up call was considered a know-how only in places of deprivation of liberty, now this practice has spread to pre-trial detention centers. Where, let me remind you, are formally innocent citizens.

The other day, in one of the capital’s pre-trial detention centers, I unexpectedly found out that now at exactly 9.00 am all the employees are standing and listening to the Russian anthem. This innovation appeared relatively recently, explaining it by the need to raise the “spirit of patriotism.” Do you think it will work? It seems to me quite the opposite – it will cause a backlash.

But we do not stop there! More patriotism! They began to play the anthem in the cells of individual pre-trial detention centers and … at 18.00. That is, the prisoners began to listen to him twice a day.

“At exactly 6 pm, the anthem suddenly sounded very loudly,” says Marina Litvinovich, a former member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission. – The inmates started banging on the cell doors, knocking on the radiators and bars. There was a feeling that the whole body was swinging. At the same time, the prisoners also shouted all sorts of bad phrases. “

In general, what are the heads of colonies and pre-trial detention centers counting on? That the condemned will feel pride and joy for their country? Or maybe these jailers are deliberately cultivating hatred? Let me remind you that the anthem is one of the official state symbols of the Russian Federation, along with the flag and coat of arms. How disrespectful should symbols be treated in order to turn their use into torture for people?

“In the new Internal Regulations it is necessary to write that the Russian anthem can be played only on public holidays,” we asked the Ministry of Justice the other day. The eyes of the ministry’s legal officials turned round: “Why should the anthem be turned on in jail and colonies at all?” They, as it turned out, had no idea what was practiced behind bars.

Representatives of the Ministry are opposed to any mention of the anthem in the TAP. But forgive me, gentlemen, officials, if the ban does not appear in such a wording (it is possible only on holidays), then the practice will not stop. Any head of the colony can decide: since this is not spelled out, then it is not prohibited. And taking into account the desire of individual characters to demonstrate their patriotism, the anthem will be played not even twice a day, but five or more. Thus discriminating, in fact, a symbol of state power.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28515 dated April 9, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Get up, branded by law!


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