Probation is required in Europe, without reducing incarceration

The second part of the Council of Europe’s Space study on prisons reminds us that, however, the use of imprisonment is not decreasing, particularly in France.

«An enlargement of the criminal net“. Everywhere, in the 47 countries of the Council of Europe, probation is required. A major trend described by the Space II study, carried out by the University of Lausanne at the request of the European institution. It is based on data from 46 of the 52 European probation services at large, since it includes Russia and Turkey.

Between 2019 and 2020, the study notes a 3% increase in the number of people in the Council of Europe serving an open-middle sentence, now bringing the total to 1,500,547. “The number of countries introducing them continues to grow. And few countries have drastically lowered their incarceration rate at the same time. This means that judges have more and more tools at their disposal and that where they had the choice between nothing or prison, they now have a wider range of criminal responses.», Underlines Marcelo Aebi, the criminologist who is piloting the Space II investigation.

«That corresponds

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