Problems arise when we ‘affirm everything’ children say about gender

Agenda C’s Parnell McGuinness says problems arise when “we decide to affirm everything” children say about gender.

It comes after a video was released of a four-year-old boy declaring he was a seven-year-old girl.

“Anything said by a child that age should be taken with kindness and you just let some things slide and you correct some things,” she told Sky News host Rita Panahi

“My son couldn’t tell girl or boy, male or female pronouns or anything at that age so I think it’s pretty unimportant, a child declaring themselves another gender or for that matter another being at that age.

“At that age my son’s goal in life was to grow up to be a baby turtle.

“The problem comes when we decide to affirm everything and decide to railroad them from a passing comment made at four years old into a life of whatever they’ve declared themselves to be.”


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